Evidence Is Key 350x280 - Evidence Is Key: Why You Should Always Ask For Portfolio and Reviews

Evidence Is Key: Why You Should Always Ask For Portfolio and Reviews

When it comes to the pursuit of a good 3D rendering service, there are a few things that you must do as a client before inking the final deal. You must ALWAYS ask for a portfolio and reviews. Let us explain. 3D rendering services can be a lot easier to come by now as technology and software has vastly improved. It is even highly possible to do the rendering yourself if you have the tools.

Still, it would still be best to get the handiwork of a professional especially if what you are trying to render is of significant importance. For example, you could be aiming to obtain a more realistic view of a building or a floor plan. That said, how exactly do you pick a good company to represent your visual interests?

Here are a couple of ways you can be assured that you are approaching a good 3D rendering service firm:


When you approach a company that offers rendering services on your behalf, it would only be smart to ask to see samples of their previous work. Any reputable service will have several on hand. It is important to get a hold of a portfolio because this is your reference point. Is their style something to your liking? Are their previous jobs close to the vision that you have?

If this early on you see a streak of similarities to all their projects, they may not be the ones you need. A rendering company needs to be flexible and needs to incorporate the needs of their clients rather than their own unyielding style.


In the world where the unpaid and freely given opinions of other people are readily available, reviews are easy to come by. Reviews regarding a particular business should be ignored. Social media has made reviews quite accessible.

From them, you can gleam more information about how forthcoming the business is. How many bad experiences have other people had? These can build toward your eventual decision to go with a business or not.

End Notes

One of the things that we should take advantage of is the high availability of information. Obtaining information that we can use in making our decisions is as easy as tapping a few spaces on a screen. When you are trying to obtain the best sort of service for yourself and your needs, it often pays to be informed.

Do not hesitate to look up reviews before you even approach a service or a company for your needs. While you should take information you get online with a grain of salt, it is ultimately the most reliable form of discourse that we can get our hands on. If you are about to make a decision that involves spending even a cent of your hard-earned money, it would be really wise for you to look up reviews.

On your end as a buyer or a potential client, why do you think it is important to ask for a portfolio or look up reviews?

Two Risks When Working With an Unprofessional Rendering Company 350x280 - Two Risks When Working With an Unprofessional Rendering Company

Two Risks When Working With an Unprofessional Rendering Company

When you are in need of 3D rendering, it is often best to go with a highly professional rendering company. Otherwise, you open yourself up to some pretty serious risks. When you work in fields that do actually require 3D visualization of a goal or an end product, it is important to ensure that the person or the company that you approach to help you bring your project to life.

If you’re wondering what risks come with an unprofessional rendering company, here are a few that we have encountered through the years:

Substandard Product

In the world of architecture, it is highly important that the 3D rendered image is up to scale. It must be able to accurately reflect the type of materials that are used and should be able to portray the measurements. After all, a majority of clients only believe in a project once they see a visual representation of it right before their very eyes.

An unprofessional rendering company has a history of delivering visuals that are simply not up to scale. The danger with this is that as 3D renderings are often the basis for blueprints, any incorrect information can be catastrophic down the road.

Excessive Fees

It is often difficult for many to think that an affordable 3D rendering service is actually possible. After all, not just anyone can create a proper 3D rendering. It takes skill and expertise and that usually does not come cheap. This is why there are unscrupulous people that charge quite high; despite the fact that they do not have the capability to provide a good product in the end.

The belief of “I’m paying a lot = I will get a good product” is an antiquated belief. It is something that unprofessional rendering companies do take advantage of. When you look at fees, do check to see if they are up to par and if you can, secure real time rendering to see if they are as good as they claim to be.

End Notes

Always be wary and keep a sharp eye out for any signs of unprofessionalism. It is better to spot any issues early on and correct it accordingly. For anyone who is working for an architectural field, this is a lesson that must be learned early on. If you spot any signs of unprofessionalism, it would be best to terminate the project with that firm or person. Your vision can still be salvaged and brought to life properly. All you need is a good firm—a professional one—to help see it through to fruition.

The Promise of Real Time 350x280 - The Promise of Real Time: Simple Benefits of Real Time 3D Rendering

The Promise of Real Time: Simple Benefits of Real Time 3D Rendering

When it comes to presentations and building client trust, it is often important for firms to have a graphic artist or designer that is able to do 3D rendering in real time. Let us explain.

3D Rendering was always thought of as something that needed to be done in an office or (if the company was rather secretive) behind closed doors. As such, there was always such a mystery that surrounded the idea of coming up with 3D rendered images. If something, particularly a service, is not seen, it is inevitable that the credibility of the company or business will be called into question. In which case, what is a company to do?

Real Time 3D Rendering

This is the process or act of coming up with a 3D rendering of an image or a request, right then and there. These are usually executed right before the client themselves. These carry some pretty simple benefits:


If the client can see the expertise of the execution right there before their very eyes, it certainly boosts the credibility of the firm. This is particularly true for architectural firms.

Heightens Client Re occurrence

When a client sees that an architectural firm that they are working with is able to adjust the design as per requested or required, it surely inspires repeat clients.

End Notes

Understanding the need to have someone capable of delivering real time 3D rendering services is one of the key components of having a pretty reliable service. It does not really matter what field of profession your firm is in, in one point or another, you will need someone who can do 3D rendering. If you cannot, you then have the task of finding another firm that can suitably fill that need for you.

Mind you, there are many that charge rather steeply. In such case, it would be important to work with a firm that is able to provide you affordable rates.