For Argument’s Sake: Is Technology Crippling Artistic Capability?

For Argument’s Sake 800x420 - For Argument’s Sake: Is Technology Crippling Artistic Capability?

Gone are the days where artists, engineers, and builders rely on pen and paper to sketch out their ideas. Today, everything is much more high tech. However, is that technology crippling artistic capability? Specifically, is it crippling the artistry in the field of architecture?


The art of creating buildings and structures that outlive the maker has always been a dream of everyone who worked hard to be an engineer or architect. To create something larger than ourselves—this was the ever lasting goal. We utilized whatever material we had in order to successfully build the image in our heads and mark it properly on paper.


The world today is fast-paced. Architecture is the same. Gone are the days when sketchpads and pencils are used. Today, everything is more tablet and screens. Images can be photographed and scanned in order to be manipulated on a digital scale. This opens up a whole different world for changing what is achievable in terms of building.

The Clash

Where there was once human ingenuity there is now software and shortcuts. Where there used to be thousands of hours of work, there is now speedy constructions of scales and models. Artistry in the field of architecture has always been a thing of wonder. Regardless of the medium you choose, it is ultimately the foundation of something that is build in the outside world.

Both traditional artistry and technology are both borne out of the human creativity. After all, no one ever said that there was anything wrong in keeping to traditional ways to capture visions. At the same time, just because you utilize the latest technology to materialize a client’s dream does not make you any less of an artist.

It is all about doing what you can with the materials that you choose to utilize.

End Notes

If anything, this argument goes either way—all depending on who is making the argument itself. While there are the traditional ‘artists’ that claim technology is robbing future generations of the sort of art that the masters gifted us, there are those that claim shenanigans on that. Architecture evolves. This is something that our history has proven time and time again. It does not matter which style is utilized to suitably convey a vision.

What matters in the end is that it is duly represented and has proper documentation. So, do you think that technology is crippling artistic capability in the realm of architecture?