For Argument’s Sake 350x280 - For Argument’s Sake: Is Technology Crippling Artistic Capability?

For Argument’s Sake: Is Technology Crippling Artistic Capability?

Gone are the days where artists, engineers, and builders rely on pen and paper to sketch out their ideas. Today, everything is much more high tech. However, is that technology crippling artistic capability? Specifically, is it crippling the artistry in the field of architecture?


The art of creating buildings and structures that outlive the maker has always been a dream of everyone who worked hard to be an engineer or architect. To create something larger than ourselves—this was the ever lasting goal. We utilized whatever material we had in order to successfully build the image in our heads and mark it properly on paper.


The world today is fast-paced. Architecture is the same. Gone are the days when sketchpads and pencils are used. Today, everything is more tablet and screens. Images can be photographed and scanned in order to be manipulated on a digital scale. This opens up a whole different world for changing what is achievable in terms of building.

The Clash

Where there was once human ingenuity there is now software and shortcuts. Where there used to be thousands of hours of work, there is now speedy constructions of scales and models. Artistry in the field of architecture has always been a thing of wonder. Regardless of the medium you choose, it is ultimately the foundation of something that is build in the outside world.

Both traditional artistry and technology are both borne out of the human creativity. After all, no one ever said that there was anything wrong in keeping to traditional ways to capture visions. At the same time, just because you utilize the latest technology to materialize a client’s dream does not make you any less of an artist.

It is all about doing what you can with the materials that you choose to utilize.

End Notes

If anything, this argument goes either way—all depending on who is making the argument itself. While there are the traditional ‘artists’ that claim technology is robbing future generations of the sort of art that the masters gifted us, there are those that claim shenanigans on that. Architecture evolves. This is something that our history has proven time and time again. It does not matter which style is utilized to suitably convey a vision.

What matters in the end is that it is duly represented and has proper documentation. So, do you think that technology is crippling artistic capability in the realm of architecture?

Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture 350x280 - Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture

Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture

The architectural trends seems to ebb and sway with the seasons. For firms and businesses that are in the field of architecture, it is important to realize that 3D modeling is still critical. Let us explain. Architecture is a field that can seemingly age over a million years in a span of a few months. The marvels of the styles, materials, and the discoveries all help to make architecture one of the fastest evolving arts that we have.

So when you think about it, why does it need 3D modeling?

2D is not enough

2D is not enough - Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture
Time and time again, history has lost some of the greatest architectural wonders that we have ever discovered. While many of them we had tried to immortalize in images like sketches or photographs, those are never enough to convey the majesty of a mausoleum or a coliseum.

A 3D model would be better suited to convey the width, girth, and even the feel of the completed building.

Suitable Visualization

Suitable Visualization - Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture
With our technology today, it is highly possible for architects, engineers, and even builders to completely manipulate a 3D model to what they want it to do. The software that they can utilize to bring about their wholly unique structures is one of the ways we constantly get a breath of fresh air.

3D models can help them maintain and obtain a more accurate depiction of their creations. This way, they can truly understand what needs to be changed and if it would be possible to do so.


Speed - Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture
As expressed, architecture can age a million years in a single night. As such, it would be important for those involved in the field to keep up with the times and trends. 3D modeling can empower and arm them sufficiently to keep up.

The ease and options that comes with building and manipulating a 3D model can ensure that designs can be produced and delivered in a swift amount of time.


Accuracy - Four Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Critical to the Progress of Architecture
If you are aware of the concept of scanning, then you will understand that 3D laser scanning allows builders to obtain the best sort of information that they need. Certain scanners can even pinpoint the type of material that is used in a building.

That data is transmuted to a 3D model and kept for accurate posterity.

End Notes

In order to obtain the best sort of representation that can realistically and authentically capture the different styles that we have today, 3D models and 3D rendering should be continued. In fact, we now even have 3D printing that brings conceptual art to a whole different level. The field of architecture still needs 3D modeling to suitably convey the vision that they want to peddle.

It is the most consistent way to capture the imagination and interest of clients, regardless of their personal preferences. Why do you think that 3D modeling is still important to the progress of architecture?

If you still not convinced, check out this rendering company and what they are capable of.

Thinking of Building Your Home 350x280 - Thinking of Building Your Home? You Should Definitely Play This Game!

Thinking of Building Your Home? You Should Definitely Play This Game!

The journey to obtain a tangible plan for one’s dream home can be harrowing. Thankfully, there is a game that can be utilized to help even the most confused person to tug at the idea their dream home toward themselves.

Of course, we’re talking about The Sims Franchise. Let us explain.

The Sims

The Sims - Thinking of Building Your Home? You Should Definitely Play This Game!
This is a game that was originally and mostly still is a life simulation type of game. It transports players to different fictional towns and have them build their characters and live whole lives—even entire generations worth of lives. Now, you might be wondering how a life simulation game translates to a tool that can help capture the vision of a home.

One of the best things about The Sims Series is the fact that players can build homes from the ground up. You choose the lot size, the sort of topography you want your home to be on, and so many other things.

Here are a few reasons why The Sims would be a good game for those who are chasing the vision of their dream home:


Freedom - Thinking of Building Your Home? You Should Definitely Play This Game!
The only restriction that you will have when building your home is the budget you have. Of course, this is easy to overcome when you know the cheats that allows you to obtain more money in-game. Since the longest part of the game is often making the house, many players actually only stick with making the home rather than the life simulation.

If you play the latest game, there are more options and styles that are available to be used.


Templates - Thinking of Building Your Home? You Should Definitely Play This Game!
There are pre-built homes in the game that can serve as the springboard of your home dream home. There is no rule that says that you cannot make your home be a combination of many different styles. However, if that is a bit forward for your taste, you can go through the collection of pre-built homes.

Go though how the rooms and floor plans are laid out. Use them to guide your own eventual home.

End Notes

The Sims Series is a franchise that has lived long not simply because of the realm of escape that it provides players. Many a budding architect has discovered their knack for building homes because of this game and this franchise. So if you have ever pondered over the type of home or even business establishment that you would like to have one day this game can help you grasp it better.

What’s great about this franchise is that the graphics and realism of the architecture is only getting better and better. Do you think The Sims Series is a game that should be played by anyone aiming to build their own home one day?

Dummy img 350x280 - How to Conduct Professional Business with Rendering Services

How to Conduct Professional Business with Rendering Services

Once you have decided to work with a rendering service, especially one that deals with 3D rendering, it is important to know certain things. Today, we look at how you may conduct professionally with them. What you must know beforehand is that a rendering service is nothing like fast food. It isn’t anything as simple as dropping by, giving your ideas, and expecting instant results.

If you are thinking of approaching a particular firm or rendering, do take these useful notes with you:

Know What You Want

While going to an artist or an architectural firm to build your vision can be the way things are done, you can do better. Before you spend money for a consultation (some firms offer them for free), it would be good to have a clear idea of what you want.

Bring pegs along with you. Is there a particular building or style that you liked through the years? Bring a photo of it with you. This way, the firm will be able to tell you if they can accommodate your desires. You will also save your time if you come across a firm that does not know how to translate your vision into reality.

Get It in Writing

Any business agreement should be protected by a contract. Before money exchanges hands, it is important that you have gotten all the details sorted out. What is the service that you will be expecting? How much time are you giving them to complete the project? What is the clause for any revisions? What forms of the project will you be obtaining?

Having everything neatly spelled out for all the parties involved helps to keep everyone focused on what is expected and what must be delivered.

Offer Your Input or Review

The best sort of reviews is given by the very people that choose to work with a company or business. After all, it is the people that are getting the service that would be in the best spot to detect any issues and what they wanted to be better.

At the end, whether you are pleased or not, express your opinions in a duly respectful manner. Do not let emotions run wild. Your dispassionate appraisal of the service you’ve received would better serve yourself and them. After all, you are helping them grow and you gain further understanding toward the type of service or product you consider being acceptable.

End Notes

Take it from those that have actually worked with and for such firms before. A lot of issues can be avoided if the clients also came in fully prepared and well-informed. While the companies themselves have the task of bring about the vision that is squarely locked in a client’s dreams, the client themselves have as much a role to play in building the final visualization.

The entire process would be a lot smoother if more and more potential clients were aware of how to conduct professional business with rendering service companies. How else do you think they can conduct professionally?

Architectural Visualization 350x280 - Architectural Visualization: a Closer Look at the Basics

Architectural Visualization: a Closer Look at the Basics

While this is a topic that has quite an age to it, it is ultimately better to still address it. Today, we will be talking about architectural visualization and its basics.

What is ‘Architectural Visualization’?

This is normally refers to the end result of an artist’s sketch of a design of a building or a home before it is approved or built. When you describe your ideal home, it is often normal to make use of general terms like ‘big windows’ or ‘wooden floorings’. While this is still a rather abstract idea, an artist or an architect makes use of those clues in order to bring forth a more concrete representation of that idea.

They do this by jotting down your cues and clues and build an image—normally on paper (as a start). For many of us who have architectural roots, many of our first architectural visualizations were placed on bar napkins. After all, you need to jot down inspiration before it flits away.

There are different forms that architectural visualization has taken through the years. Here are some of them:

Sketches or 2D images

Sketches or 2D images - Architectural Visualization: a Closer Look at the Basics

This is the most basic form of architectural visualization. These refer to sketches or drawings that an artist, an architect, or even a builder will make or commission to bring forth an idea or image. While it can be a good start off point, it is notoriously difficult to sell towards buyers. This is primarily because there is so much information that is lacking.

3D images or scales

3D images or scales - Architectural Visualization: a Closer Look at the Basics

These are what you may normally see being used today. These are normally a photo-quality rendition of the end product. They are often used to promote the ‘over all’ effect of the vision. What is great about 3D scales is that they will provide a pretty general idea of how large the project can look and how much space is allotted within.

End Notes

Architectural visualization is something that we have to thank for the many fantastical buildings that have been built in the last twenty to thirty years. Architectural visualization has come a long way from being something that is sketched down on a napkin on a bar.

When the product being sold is real estate, having visual representation of the finished building, home, or room is better than just using blueprints or words. 2D models, while were widely used back then, do not exactly capture the interest and can come off as disingenuous when translated by a buyer. In order for a better translation of the concept to what the finished product should ideally look like, using a 3D model would be better.

If you were to choose which mode of architectural visualization was better, which one would you pick: 2D or 3D?

Home Planning 350x280 - Home Planning: Why You Should Get Your Ideas 3D Rendered First

Home Planning: Why You Should Get Your Ideas 3D Rendered First

Ideas in one’s head are often a lovely place to visit. After all, pretty much everything is possible there. However, when it comes to planning one’s home, it is ultimately better to have your ideas 3D rendered first. Let us explain.

Planner’s Bliss

Planner’s Bliss - Home Planning: Why You Should Get Your Ideas 3D Rendered First
When it comes to planning out one’s home, the land of fantasy can be hard to deviate from. After all, it does not really cost anything to keep adding or removing details from the dream home.

Cold Hard Reality

Once a future home owner has spoken to an architect and their artist, the dreams (while still in existence) will eventually meet potholes in the road. There are, after all, several things that are factored into the home planning:

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Materials
  • Permits

These are often seen as roadblocks but some. In actuality, they are the very foundation of a future home. They are the guidelines that will help the idea bloom into what it was envisioned to be.

Why is 3D Rendering Needed?

Why is 3D Rendering Needed - Home Planning: Why You Should Get Your Ideas 3D Rendered First

In planning a home, the translation from vision or dream into something that you see before your very eyes is a must. While the plans can be laid out via the blueprints, they can come off as something that is disjointed or unreal for the home owner.

It is only through a carefully made and wholly accurate depiction of the dream home that a connection can be made. This is normally done through an artist’s sketch based on the descriptions given by the home owner.

In today’s world, however, that can come off as extremely limited. After all, a drawing is still something that is on the realm of imagination. Using 3D graphics or a 3D rendering service to bring the image to life is a wholly more realistic way to showcase the vision.

Having something in 3D will allow for a more real allocation of the budget, the location, the materials, and even the whims of the owner.

When a home owner sees their ‘dream’ on a 3D scale, it is easier to determine if it is something they the truly want—all before the ground is even broken. This can save a home owner from massive heart break and even fees for any additional renovations.

End Notes

Having an actuation of your ideas is a good step to take when it comes to planning out your home. The entire concept of planning out a home is a process that many future homeowners do not expect. There has been a rather unrealistic set of expectations that come with planning out a home. Having a plan or a goal mapped out through 3D rendering is a great way to have a better and realistic idea of what you can actually achieve.

Just make sure that you go with a rendering company or firm that you can rely on. Do you think it is wholly important to get a planned home rendered in 3D first?

Render Me Good 350x280 - Render Me Good: 2 Reasons Why 3D Rendering is Important Today

Render Me Good: 2 Reasons Why 3D Rendering is Important Today

Welcome to our first ever post! We are so excited to get started! As you may be aware, this site is primarily focused on the topic of 3D rendering at an affordable cost. What a lot of people have come to wonder through the years is: what IS 3D rendering and why is it something that is important?

We hope to address these questions today.

What is 3D Rendering?

What is 3D Rendering - Render Me Good: 2 Reasons Why 3D Rendering is Important Today
In its strictest definition: is the process of transforming something that is a normally crude model and fully bringing it to life on a digital scale. This is a highly creative process and requires highly skilled individuals.

Why is 3D Rendering Important?

Why is 3D Rendering Important - Render Me Good: 2 Reasons Why 3D Rendering is Important Today
When it comes to the concept of 3D rendering, there are a lot of fields of professions that benefit greatly from it. So when we thought about it carefully, we managed to come up with two big reasons as to why 3D rendering is still important today.

Visual Execution

For the fields of architecture, chemistry, and even medicine, having visual representation of your vision or end product is important. While it is often easy to discuss ideas, having a clear and final vision is often different and difficult to obtain. Having someone who can do a very realistic and accurate depiction of what the artist or the client wanted to bring forth.

Cost Effectiveness

In terms of design and the many instances where redesigns are necessary, it is pretty much normal to use up a lot of material. This is particularly true if an artist’s makes use of paper to sketch out a depiction of their client’s vision. Having a 3D rendering of the styling helps to drive down the costs that come with the job of coming up with a design. All that is needed is smart software and the necessary hardware to do changes as needed.

End Notes

3D rendering is a job that requires precision and careful execution to be effective. When you really think about it, why do YOU think that 3D rendering is a service that continues to be important?

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